Ms. Tovia Omoijahe

Ms. Tovia Omoijahe

Deputy Development Director

Tovia Omoijahe is a master’s graduate of the University of Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, where she obtained an LLM in Natural Resources and Environmental Law and Policy.  Apart from her avid interests in the field of energy and environmental law, she has contributed to research across various parts of Africa, including works on the role of the Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage Technology in the Nigerian Energy Transition Journey, Unconventional Resources in the Oil and Gas Industry, as well as contributions on the role of Critical minerals in the Just Transition.

She also moderated a session of the sustainability of mining conference sponsored by NEM Energy and African Energy and Minerals Management Initiative (AEMI), which was not only targeted at proffering sustainable and workable solutions to the mining hurdles in Africa and the global South in general but was also targeted at creating awareness about clean technologies and best practices.

During her placement at Pforzheim Germany, she had also given a lecture on climate change and its impacts on the energy sector, particularly the region of Africa and other parts of the global South. She is an advocate of the impact and the spectrum of colour which thought provoking research and contributions could provide on the issue of changing legal norms.

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