AEMI 2024 Mentorship Programme

Recognizing the fact that majority of the youth lack basic knowledge about the extractive industries and taking into consideration the fact that AEMI is equipped with experts from different countries, who have extensive experience in the energy and mining sectors. Additionally, AEMI collaborates with different international energy and mining experts. It is against this stark background that the AEMI mentorship program aims to provide professional and personal development in the energy and mining sectors.


  • Help mentees to improve their skills and advance their careers
  • Increase confidence/self-esteem of the mentees
  • Promote knowledge sharing in the extractive industries
  • Offer training in new skills relevant to energy and mining (academic, financial, management)
  • Share ideas about career opportunities
  • The programme is also beneficial for the mentors as they can gain a sense of value within the sector; and satisfaction from passing on their skills and wisdom


  • Unlike the traditional mentorship programmes, we shall explore a group mentorship methodology, where different experienced mentors or experts can address a group of mentees through webinars on some of the key issues raised by our mentees.
  • We shall also be able to assign mentees to specific mentors of their choice for a period of 6 months or more.

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