AEMI Mining Mechanisation Programme (MMP)

The health and environmental challenges associated with artisanal mining are mostly due to the use of rudimentary methods which are relied on by miners and this is escalated due to lack of advanced technology in artisanal mining. AEMI through fieldwork research has identified the key areas which need mechanisation. Additionally,

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AEMI Knowledge Centre and Training Programme (KCT)

The AEMI Knowledge Centre and Training Programme (KCT) is intended to provide a platform where key issues in African energy and mining are addressed through research and trainings. Through KCT, AEMI shares fieldwork reports conducted by our members; educational videos on energy and mining recorded by AEMI members; capacity building

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AEMI Health and Protective Gears Programme (HPG)

The AEMI Health and Protective Gears Programme (PGH) is aimed at improving the health of artisanal miners through among others providing them with the necessary protective gears required to carry out their work. Ensuring healthy lives is the third Goal of the SDGs. With respect to artisanal mining, there are

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AEMI Women in Energy and Mining Empowerment Programme (WEM)

  The African Energy and Mining Management Initiative (AEMI) recognises the great role of women engaged in the extractive industries in the achievement of socio-economic development. AEMI, however, acknowledges that the women do not achieve their full economic potential neither do they see substantial social and economic growth and development.

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Accounting Fraud & Corruption in the Oil and Gas Sector

This video by Dr. Victoria Nalule features Dr Parulian Sihotang, an Indonesian expert with over ten years experience in Oil & Gas Accounting. He discusses the various ways International Oil Companies get involved in accounting fraud. He also highlights what host governments can do to tackle this problem.

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