AEMI Legal Aid Project

Lack of access to justice and legal aid in the African mining sectors has fueled various challenges including unfavorable working conditions which have a great impact on the health, environment, safety and livelihood of the miners. It is against this stark background that the AEMI legal aid project focuses on developing a constructive framework which will assist in addressing the legal challenges faced by small scale and artisanal miners (ASM) in Africa.

The AEMI legal aid project seeks to empower, advocate and initiate reforms towards equitable access to justice through capacity building, public engagement, workshops, seminars, conferences, trainings and practical activities as a means of disseminating information and legal aid to small scale miners and artisanal miners in Africa. Women and children are vulnerable members of the community and AEMI recognizes that their rights must be protected towards achieving sustainable development objectives. The project also aims at promoting legal knowledge in the energy and mining sector amongst legal practitioners and other stakeholders.


‘A reliable and equitable opportunity for all in access to justice for small-scale and artisanal miners in Africa.’


  1. To provide reliable, timely and equitable access to legal aid
  2. To build and maintain an effective and collaborative relationship with the legal advisory sector and the public towards achieving meaningful access to legal aid.
  3. To advocate for policy measures in support of women and children rights in the mining sector
  4. To equip small scale and artisanal miners with the legal knowledge necessary to enable them to carry out their mining activities peacefully and effectively.
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