Alinda Aaron

Alinda Aaron


Alinda Aaron is a law student in his final year of study at Makerere University with a keen interest in energy and natural resources law. He is particularly passionate about governance and management in the energy and mining sector and seeing to it that the benefits from the exploitation of these resources are able to transform lives and communities of Africans.

He is an ardent learner, team player, and assiduous planner, and this is evidenced by the various leadership roles he has taken on during his time at university. These experiences have helped them hone his skills in legal research, analysis, and drafting.

Aaron’s interest in energy and natural resources law was sparked by his fascination with the interplay between the law, economics, and the environment. He committed to working towards solutions that are not only legally sound but also socially and environmentally responsible.

When he is not busy studying or working on legal projects, they enjoys listening to music and taking nature walks. They believe that spending time in nature is an excellent way to clear their mind and gain perspective on complex legal issues.

Overall, Alinda Aaron is a dedicated and driven law student who is optimistic about the future in the energy and mining sector.

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