Anne Njoroge

Anne Njoroge


Anne is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Kenyatta University. She is also a Certified Secretary (CS-K). Anne currently works as a Programme Officer at the East African Hub of Natural Justice: A Pan-African Non-Governmental for lawyers for communities and the environment. The Organization specialises in human rights and environmental law in pursuit of social and environmental justice. In her role, she helps indigenous and local communities, through the legal empowerment methodology, to know, use and shape the law.

She also supports the strategic litigation and advocacy work against fossil fuel projects, land grabs, and non-compliant extractives and infrastructure projects which harm the environment and violate the rights of indigenous and local communities. She also advocates for increased and secure control by indigenous peoples and local communities over their lands, ecosystems and traditional knowledge.

Anne is currently supporting the Just Energy Transition Africa Initiative which offers legal assistance to communities, civil society organizations and local government to challenge new fossil fuel development and power generation in Court; advance regulatory reform and strengthen energy planning to level the playing field for clean energy; and help ensure communities benefit from clean energy.

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