Rukundo Methodius

Rukundo Methodius


Rukundo Methodius is the CEO of Ruthius Design and Construction Limited and serves on its board of directors.

Before being CEO in May 2022, I was a clerk of works and I was responsible for representing arch design site on daily basis at the project site, compiling weekly and monthly site progress reports, assist the project architect in compiling site meeting minutes, undertaking any project related activity as maybe assigned by the project manager/ any consultant member of project management team, preparing minutes of site meetings and work measurement sheets among others. I also worked at Jeniwe as a project engineer and played key roles including planning, coordinating and managing the whole project ensuring flexibility in response to increasingly demanding requirements of clients.

Prior to joining construction industry, I volunteered in Tin Mining in Mbarara District, Kitezo area where I was responsible for safety of workers in mines by ensuring that all workers are well equipped with personal protective equipment like gloves, helmets, gumboots among others.

Previously civil works, I worked with different water companies including Hydraulic And Sanitation Consults, Baata Engineering Limited among others where I was responsible for both new water installations, maintenance and repairs.

I earned an HD in Civil and Building Engineering and Diploma in Water Engineering both from Kyambogo University.

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